So this week I spent most of my time editing the photos from the gorgeous Winter Wedding of Jessica and Leon I shot in York the previous week, it was a really special wedding for a lot of reasons, not only were Jessica and Leon totally a totally gorgeous couple but they were getting married in one of the most beautiful cities in England. I won’t spill the beans on all the true magic of the day just yet, keep your peepers ready for a romantic photographic feast later on in the month…

In other news, I did kind of warn you in previous blogs that I’m well over excited about my garden, and if any of you follow me on Facebook, twitter or Instagram you’ll probably already know that I kind of have a thing for flowers already! So imagine my delight when this beautiful bush pops up in my garden!!! (tee hee!) It’s huge and really beautiful, there are so many flowers and the leaves are gorgeous, dark, shiny green, can any of my green fingered readers tell the name of the plant?

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