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Family photography

One thing I have been really enjoying this year, but I’ve been a bit crap at blogging about is my family photography. It’s been really wonderful to go and see my past couples, see how their family has grown, even little changes they have made to the house and now and again spotting a wedding pic of mine or two up on the walls always puts a smile on my face!

Documentary Family Photography

Sometimes people look at me a bit strange when I start taking photographs of the house outside on shoots, but of course your home, no matter how long you have been there or however long you plan to stay is part of your families history and your families story. If it’s your forever home it’s nice to look back and see how the house has changed over time, little bits of furniture or decoration that you completely had forgotten existed or have long gone can conjure up old fond memories of that time and how it felt to be there. If it’s not your forever home photographs of that place and the objects in or around it can take you back to that time, it’s easy to forget the little things, but it can be lovely to take a moment every now and then to remember them and be grateful for all the little parts that have made up your families history so far.

So although at first when you get your photographs back and you have a few of the house and bits and bobs in there it might not mean that much. I’m shooting these photographs with the future in mind. ;)

Here at Caroline and Neil’s home in Liverpool is was particularly lovely to be greeted by some plant pots they used on their wedding day. I remember taking a photograph of these pots then and it was a lovely little call back to that time, before walking in to be greeted by Caroline, Neil, their now grown up boy (first child/now responsible older brother) who was just a little pup when I met him last and of course the lady of the moment, birthday girl Emilia.

Family photography and pets

I love including pets in the family photos. In fact I think it is a must. They are part of the family after all and have their own little characters that help make your house a home. Photographing them may not always be easy. There is that saying about never working with children or animals after all. But I do love a good challenge and the photos and memories your’ll have of your beloved fury family member will be worth it!

First Birthday Family Shoot

Of course Emilia was on super form it being the day of her first birthday party! Which is a great time to book a family shoot FYI if you have one coming up. With her series of hilarious and characterful expressions and her chirpy little attitude she had us all in the palm of her hand. Look at that little face! She looks so much like her Mum and Dad it’s actually spooky, I know it’s just genetics but she really got all of those genes.

the first bedroom

Photographing the bedroom is something I love doing on family shoots. The world is such a different place now from back when I was a nipper and the options to decorate a child’s room are vast. Emilia might not have remembered what her first bedroom looked like when she’s older. I know I don’t. Which would be a massive shame seeing all the effort Mum and Dad have put into making it such a exciting and also peaceful place. Is that possible? I feel like that’s what has happened here.

Being able to look back at these photos as an adult, or even as a stompy demanding, mood swingy teenager and see how much thought and attention was put into all these lovely little details in Emilia’s bedroom I’d imagine will give her great comfort when she is older, to see how much she was and still is loved and in a less soppy sense surely teenage Emilia isn’t gonna moan about having to do the dishes or give the stairs a bit of a hoover after having another look at this lot. ;)

What happens if my baby cries during The shoot?

To be fair to Emilia, the photo below is the nearest to a cry we got through the whole thing, but if your child cries or gets upset or tired at any point, don’t worry it’s completely normal! Theses photos have value too. Some of my favourite photographs are of children with grumpy faces or having a little bit of a tantrum. It’s all part of the story and a good representation of what real family life is all about. Love through the tears, vomit, tantrums, dirty nappies, giggles and sleepless nights. All of it is important. All of it is what it takes to be a family.

Thanks so much to Mr and Mrs F and the smaller member’s of the F house hold for having me and permission to post this blog. It was an absolute pleasure to come and visit you in your lovely home and meet Emilia.

If you would like to book a family shoot, get in touch!