I love photographing the morning preparations, it’s such an exciting time of the day and it can make for some really beautiful shots of either the calm before the storm or the chaos before the storm, depending on what kind of morning you are having!


I usually start 2 hours before you are due to leave for the ceremony, this is to make sure there is plenty of time to capture everything in a nice relaxed way, that gives you all plenty of breathing space on this very exciting morning. Unless you have booked a second photographer or have selected the photo and film package I will only be able to cover one of you getting ready in the morning (the exception to this being if you are both getting ready at the same location). If you would like both sides of the morning documented get in touch and we can figure out a way to make it happen!


Although I LOVE SHOOTING MORNING PREP it isn’t for everyone. So it’s worth thinking about what kind of photos you would like and what kind of morning you want.


For me it can be a great way for you and your morning friends, whoever they may be, to get used to me being around with the camera. I go lightly in the morning, so you wont feel like the paparazzi has just turned up. When I first turn up I’ll get some scene setting photos, say Hello to everyone and then pop off and take photos of any details you might like photographing, such as the dress. This gives you and your family and friends some time to get used to having a Dervin in the house before the camera starts pointing your way. I usually shoot quite wide and try and take in a lot of shots of the whole scene of what is going on. These make some beautiful story telling shots but also give you some space too. Which brings me onto my next point…


Space and Light…


Day light is the most beautiful and flattering light for photography. Choosing a room whether it’s in your home or at a hotel with plenty of space and natural light will make for the best getting ready photos. So if you are choosing a hotel room, try and choose a spacious one with plenty of natural light. If you are getting ready at home do the same, open plan kitchen’s, living rooms and dining rooms can make for great getting ready spaces or just the room in the house with the biggest window for some beautiful natural light and maybe the chance to get a few moody silhouette shots.

If you are getting ready at home it’s a great place to add some more context to the story of your day. Don’t worry if you are still decorating, or there is some crazy wallpaper that you can’t wait to get rid of. In a few years time you’ll see these photos and look back on those little niggles fondly. Things don’t need to be perfect. A little bit of mess here and there helps to tell your story.