By the time you have booked you photographer it’s quite likely that you have already booked your ceremony venue. Different places and registrars sometimes have different rules with photography as to where I can stand during the ceremony, or the may be parts of the ceremony that I am not able to photograph at all. Don’t worry! This doesn’t happen a lot, but it does happen, it’s more likely to happen if your ceremony is happening in a place of worship, or if the registrar that you have is a bit strict. When you talk the person who is conducting the ceremony before the wedding, ask them if they do have any restrictions, if we need some wiggle room they are a lot more likely to bend the rules for you on your wedding day.  Of course I always pull out my best most charming moves to ensure I get the best spot to capture you guys saying your I do’s but if we do come up against more rules than we would like, if we tackle it together we should get a better response.




More couples these days are opting for unplugged ceremonies, it’s certainly something to think about. With an unplugged ceremony your guest are more present and in the moment with you, they will also be less likely to jump in the aisle and grab a photo which sometimes can mean they will obstruct my line of sight when photographing you. We are living in a modern age and iPhones and tablets are certainly part of our place in time now. Sometimes a sea of iPhones in the aisle adds a little bit technological context to the photos, but bear in mind that people may be looking at you through their phones and might be more likely to obstruct your professional photos.


If you think going unplugged is for you, you can ask the registrar of celebrant to announce it for you. Get your groomsmen or helpers to hand out some neat little cards, or make a sign. Do all three if you fancy!