Hello, I’m Katie and if you are looking at this page you might just be thinking about hiring me, so let me tell you a little bit about myself.

 I was born and bred in Liverpool and now live in Manchester. I'm obsessed with plants, like really obsessed, my boyfriend is beginning to get worried. I always said I wanted a jungle house and now I am literally chucking stuff out to make way for more plants. I think we might get lost in there some day...

 I love music, adventures, visiting new places and making friends. I’m in my element getting outdoors and learning new things. When I’m not behind my camera you’ll find me at music festivals, camping, swimming in lakes, walking my Jack Russell Floyd and getting stuck in to outdoor sports like canoeing, sailing, ski-ing (not all the time, sometimes you will find me on the sofa watching Netflix in my PJ’s wine in one hand and take away in the other) But generally being outside with nature is what makes me tick and taking awesome photos of course!

 I studied Film at Uni in Manchester and I still make one or two. I love watching Indie films, documentaries and really bad films too. I like to think my work is inspired by some of the films I watch (not the bad ones!) As a photographer I started off photographing bands. I also work on fashion shoots and editorial pieces, but the work I find most rewarding is photographing real people in a natural way. Capturing natural moments and relationships between people is really special to me. We don’t how long we are going to be on this earth for and certainly there are some photographs in my home I’d count as the most valuable things I own. I’m blessed that my Granddad and Dad were pretty good with their cameras too, so the photos aren’t too shabby either! When photographing people, I like to let things flow as naturally as possible, either just documenting the interactions and real moments in between people as they happen, or if we are going off to do some portraits and you are looking a bit nervous I’m probably going to try my best to make you laugh and snap you in that moment. I like my photographs to be able to tell a story, either one frame as an entire scene or a sequence of photographs that piece things together. My aim is to deliver photographs to you that don’t just show you what that time in your life looked like, but help you remember how it felt. 

But don't just listen to me check out the client love page to see what my legendary couples have to say about me. 

Well that's about it. If I haven't scared you off by now drop me a message. ;) 

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