Documentary Wedding Photographer Manchester

Hi I’m Katie, a Documentary Wedding Photographer based in Manchester, I work all over the UK and Internationally photographing weddings in a candid, natural way that tells the story of your day.

So What is a Documentary Wedding Photographer?

You might hear a couple of different labels for this type of photographer in bridal blogs, magazines and maybe some other places, such as a reportage photographer or someone who captures the day in a photojournalistic manner, but it all boils down to the same thing. A documentary photographer is someone who captures the day in a candid way, un posed natural photography that shows the story of you day moment to moment. No interrupting things or asking people to say cheese. Just me sneaking around with my camera capturing all the awesome real moments that might otherwise be forgotten. 

My Approach to Photographing Your Wedding Day?

Personally I like to keep things as natural as possible and leave you to go about your day, most of the time you wont even notice I am there. Of course there is a need for formal photos (but this is entirely up to you) but I do advise that we keep the formal or not so formal photography down to minimum to give me more time to capture more natural moments and interactions between you and your guests and give you more time to enjoy the day and spend time with your friends and family and enjoy the party! 

Do You Do Couples Portraits?

Yes I sure do. This can be a really fun time for you guys to take a few minutes away from the hustle and bustle of the wedding. Usually after the ceremony we’ll go off for a walk together and get some photographs. Either of you two naturally interacting together or I'll do my best to get you laughing and capture you both in that moment. I find these photographs full of emotion, real laughs, smiles and expressions are the ones we always end up coming back to and the ones that capture the real people in front of the lens. 


As a Documentary Wedding Photographer, I often get asked if I shoot details. Details are an important part of the puzzle, they help piece things together. When I put my slide shows together for my couples I love using details shots to move the story of the day along and bring things into context. For example the photo above shows flowers with empty chairs behind them. The photograph is not just about the beautiful flowers but also about the empty chairs. Where have the people gone? In the slide show this would mark the beginning or end of a scene of your wedding day. The next shot would be taking us to where the people missing people are. My favourite photographs are the ones that can tell part of the story all on their own or raise a question, that soon can be answered in the next click of the shutter. 

Details aren't always beautiful flowers, dresses and shoes, they can come in much rawer forms that help tell part of the story too. Below is a photograph of some washing up that needs doing, it might just look like a pile of dirty dishes at first, but in context to the story of this wedding, the reception was held in the brides parents garden and they had their friends help out serving the guests from the family kitchen, bringing plates back and forth and doing all the washing up by hand. This was a labour of love for the people involved and an important part of this weddings story. 


If you have any questions about my approach to photographing a wedding. Don't be shy! Get in touch!