Katherine Clements and The Crimson Ribbon


One of my favourite shoots over the past few weeks was with author Katherine Clements. Katherine is at a very exciting time in her life as she has just had her debut novel published and is in the middle of writing her next book! You’ve got to admit, that’s pretty damn exciting! We visited the Chetham's Library in Manchester where the staff kindly allowed us to leaf through their selection of precious old books, they even let Katherine into the closed off area to have a good look a the old printing press that they have on the premises. I think that was my favourite part of the day, Katherine was so happy she just couldn’t stop giggling with excitement!


Katherine’s historical fiction novel ‘The Crimson Ribbon’ went on sale on the 27th of March and has already had some excellent reviews… Here’s one of my favourites…


“Begins at a cracking pace, plunging the reader into the turbulent Civil War period and the terror of witchcraft that came with it. Ruth grows in resilience and pride as she faces loss, tough choices in love, political confusion and intimate betrayal… A compelling novel.”          Maria McCann  


But don’t just take it from me and Maria have a read yourself! ;)


You can buy ‘The Crimson Ribbon’ at Waterstones and all reputable bookstores or click here and get it delivered to your door…