Mocks British Summer Adventure....


The Summers nearly over, so I thought I best quickly get this blog up of the fun packed shoot I did recently with the trendy Mocks lot in North Wales. We were forecast some typical British Summer weather; Biblical rain fall, 20 mph winds, occasionally interrupted by a blazing hot spell of sunshine and we got it, right in the chops!

 When Mocks asked me to create their summer campaign, I thought, "What would I like to do on a summer holiday with my mates?" The answer; Camping, camper vans, frollicks on the beach, some bike riding on the beach while dragging some balloons around in a gale force winds? (not advised), checking out the amusements and all the other stuff I wasn’t allowed to take photos of.

 We had a wicked team, well when I say team it was a small army of us  (13) over a 2 day shoot. I booked us into some ‘top class’ apartments at my own childhood holiday home where dreams were made... Pontins, thinking we’d be living it up (mistake) after about 2 minutes Cat, Alex, Nicki, Rachele, Roberta, Keith and Kit quickly exited our spacious apartments and made for the nearest hotel. While in the Pontins Camp; Roy, Francesca, Vaal, Nicola, Matt and Me kicked back in our luxury bunk beds, nestling into our paper thin bedding and scoffing at the loons that had left this paradise for 4 star service, private rooms and plush carpets in the hotel over the road.

After cashing in our FREE WINE coupons and checking out the dining area we discovered that all Pontins had to offer us for our dinner was the overwhelming stench of detergent and some questionable microwavable pizza’s. Quickly and shamelessly with our tales neatly tucked between our rapidly moving legs we ran (more or less) all the way to the hotel, only to stop on the way to examine the mangiest cat, I think I ever had seen, it looked like something that had jumped out of the pages of Stephen Kings Pet Cemetery, at my highest point of paranoia I thought it might be a Zombie or have one of those rage viruses you see in the movies #28dayslatercat. I admit we probably should have had more concern for the animal, but it looked angry and we were hungry and scared. As we continued on our way to meet the others at their hotel, we noticed the hotel (right next to Pontins) was protected almost to Glastonbury standards, by a huge fence and very over pad locked gate. This threw a spanner in the works on our journey as we had to find our way around it. Things were getting tense… I wasn’t sure if we were going to make it. That cat was following us. A brief panic attack and a slap in the face later we were there... and it was beautiful. The carpet in the grand hall way was so thick and luxurious underneath my feet that I had an urge to take my shoes off and wiggle my toes in it, but Roy gave me one of his looks and I reluctantly slipped my shoes back on and made my way to the bar. Upstairs was all right. The hallway was the best bit. After some delicious food, (I can’t remember what I had, but I remember it was rich, delicious and well presented… Probably the Sea Bass, I am a Sea Bass Bore) we indulged in a few alcoholic refreshments, until the Pontins Massive decided it was time to make our way back the apartments. The way back is hazy. My paranoia about the zombie cat had subsided and the huge play ground opposite our apartments called out to us like a mirage. Like a swarm of chubby, drunk, mouthy children we attacked it. Matt was put in charge of retrieving our free Pontins wine (mmmmm…. You are thinking. That sounds delicious) and for some reason… I’m not sure anyone can really remember why, he came back with it all poured into a kettle. Giving us our new gang name the The Kettle Wine Klan.  Anyway we all went to bed at a completely reasonable hour and no laws were broken…. Etc. Here are the photos (of the Mocks Shoot) 

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Models: Kit Williams, Roberta Aceto, Keith Emmett and Alex Vaal.

Photographer and Art Director: Katie Dervin (that's me!)

Stylist: Nicki Gillon

Stylist Assistant:  Rachelle Gillon

MUA:   Alexandra Clare

Product Photography: Roy Clark

Videographer: Matt Page

All things brand related: Cat Bardell 

External Blogger: Francesca Coyne

Photographic Assistant : Nicola Kenzitt

Van hire:

If you enjoyed reading this blog please smack me a like, share or leave a comment below...Otherwise I'll never know you were here. :) x