Islington Mill Wedding Manchester - Erica and Liam

Click play on the image above to Watch Erica and Liam's Islington Mill Wedding photo trailer. 

Islington Mill Epic Wedding.

When I first met Erica and Liam and heard that their wedding was going to be at Islington Mill in Manchester, I was instantly excited! Islington Mill isn’t very photographer’s dream venue as it’s pretty dark inside, but for what the venue lacks in natural light it makes up for in character. You know when you are shooting a wedding at Islington Mill you are going to be in for one hell of a wedding! That is what we had, there were delays that held the ceremony back over an hour (luckily Erica and Liam had done the legal bit the day before) but when the ceremony finally happened it was perfect and it was completely Erica and Liam, chilled out and fun. As the evening drew in wedding guests helped themselves to hand made Pizza’s and amazing Vegetarian and Vegan food from Liverpool Restaurant Maray’s Food truck! Check out that Cauliflower! (I had some and it was amazing) Guests also helped themselves to truck loads of cake, cheese and wine from the white room inside the Mill. After some beautiful heartfelt and hilarious speeches from Liam and Erica’s Dad Jim, it was smash bang into the party which started off with an amazing brass brand. EPIC, EPIC Wedding. Click on the link below to watch the slide show and see for yourself. ;)

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Katie Dervin is a Documentary Photographer based in Manchester.