Why I Love This Photo Series 1.2

The most beautiful stack of dirty dishes I have ever seen

This is my second post in this series, if you missed the first post the idea is to look over my favourite photographs over the past year and think about why I love them, which ends up being a nice exercise for me, while also giving an insight into my though process and the reasoning behind creating these images.


Details don’t always have to be pretty and perfect, although sometimes they might turn out that way. Detail shots that tell a story are the ones that speak to me and they are the ones as a documentary photographer that I am always on the look out to create. There are obvious detail shots, the cake, shoes, dress, flowers, but there are also photographs of things that can really help set the scene and build on the story of the day.... That brings me to this photograph I took of a stack of dirty dishes at Victoria and Steve’s Wedding in Nottingham. 


Why Dirty Dishes?


This photo isn’t just a photo of stack of dirty dishes, it’s a photograph of love, friendship, kindness and the beauty of the relationships Victoria and Steve have with their friends and family. Their wedding was at Victoria’s family home, they had the service at the church down the road, held for them by the Vicar (and family friend) the rest of the day happened in Victoria’s family garden. Everything about this wedding was very homemade and personal, the flowers came from next doors garden, the cake was home made, the decorations were made by Victoria herself, Victoria’s make up was done by her sister (a make up artist) her father had even made a statue of a family member who had past away recently to greet the guests as they entered the garden so he could still be part of the wedding.  Performances from friends and family kept everyone entertained though out the evening. Family friends served the homemade food up to guests and used the family kitchen to prepare the food, all of the dishes were washed by hand in the sink. This photograph is a reminder of the hard graft that went into making such a wonderful day for everyone, a reminder of how much Victoria and Steve’s family pulled together to make it as awesome as it was and that’s why I think this might just be one of the most beautiful stacks of dirty dishes I have ever seen, and believe me I have seen a lot! If you have ever been to my house you would know this. ;)


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Katie Dervin is a Documentary Wedding Photographer based in Manchester.