4.52 Structure?

So this blogs only been going for a few weeks and I already feel like it might be getting a bit boring... Lets face it, even with pretty pictures sometimes a week if the life of  me isn’t too much to shout about! Especially at the moment while I'm limping about the house and not getting outside very much (don't worry... if you were... it's only a sprain!)  So I thought I’d bring a little bit more structure (kind of) and I’m going to bring topics in on some weeks, like food, travel, family, birds, etc… For the slow weeks, giving you all a little bit more reason to come and visit me and my humble little blog, I can see some have you have been reading (well I suppose all of you if you are actually reading this!) and that’s quite exciting for me, as I wasn’t sure if anyone would, maybe my Nan and a few of my mates! Hi Nan :)  But thank you for reading, it means a lot and I’ll try and keep it as interesting as I can. If any of you can think of anything you’d like to see a blog about then drop me an email and I’ll see what I can do.

In keeping with the title of Structure here are two photos of two random strangers and a baby!*

*This isn't just any baby this is a 5 star, super cute, cheeky little monkey baby called Harrison, but you'll get your fill of him in a few weeks time.... ;)

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