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So every year when my birthday comes round,  I think about all the things that I’m thankful for the year and years that have passed. This past year has been an interesting one, my business has grown in ways that I’d have never expected, we’ve moved house (again) and now I have a lovely nature filled garden, full of blue tits, grey tits, chaffinch’s, our very own family of robins and plenty of squirrels. It makes me feel a little bit like Snow White looking out at the garden each morning and there are so many birds that visit us that I have never ever seen before.  So one aim for next year is to get a bird book and learn all the names of the birds that visit our garden and here are a few other things that I want to achieve this year, excuse me for the boring list, but I know that when you make things public you are more likely to follow through (I’m trying to use peer pressure on myself in a positive way).  




Get chickens – It’s taken ages to convince Mike to let me have them, but he’s finally cracked (excuse the pun) I love looking after animals and it will be nice knowing our eggs come from happy little chickens that we can save from a local battery farm (if anyone knows of any please let me know) look after them like precious little chicken princesses.  


Start a vegetable patch – again excited by having my first garden, it’s the first time I’ve had a place I could grow my own veg and I’d like to make a stab at being more self sufficient, plus growing things and looking after plants is good for the soul (I think so anyway).


Start art classes – I’m happiest when creating things and I’m excited about taking up art classes this year, making new friends and exploring my imagination in a new creative way.


Blog more regularly – It’s been a busy year and I totally fell out of the routine of blogging. I really miss doing the 366 project that I started (but didn’t complete, for shame!) it really helped me develop my style of photography and it was a lovely way to look back on the year…


52 Project - There will be some days when I rue the day I started this as it can be quite a slog, but there I’ve said it. I’m getting back on the photo a day horse, (but covering my back by making it more of a weekly review. Sneaky witch!) Tune in every Wednesday to find out what bollocks I’ve been up to. ;)


Continue Beauty of Women Project. Last year I came up with the idea of The Beauty of Women Project. As this year has been so busy, the project has been put on the back burner for a bit and I think that now looking at what I want to achieve it may take years to complete, but I’m going to pick it up again this year and I’ll keep you updated of it’s progress so stay tuned.  


Refresh video portfolio – I completed a degree in television production, but I kind of dropped film making when I fell in love with photography. This past year I’ve been dabbling again and really enjoyed it, so I’m going to carry on enjoying it.


Meaty Sunday – In response to Paul McCartney’s Meat Free Monday (see link)

DON’T PANIC! I’m not going to rap at you!!! But I’ve been wanting to jump off the mammal eating train for ages and I can’t ignore it anymore, I love cooking for friends and a lot of my fave recipes have meat in them so while I am learning the art of mammal free cuisine I’m going to give myself one day a week when I’m still allowed to have some mates round and eat some meat… with the aim to eventually drop that day when I feel like I'm ready.


If you are still here, then well done that was quite a slog and thank you. Now that this is all written down and you’ve read it there’s a bit more pressure on for me to actually get these things done!


So in keeping with the weekly  project , check out my next blog this Wednesday for photos from the past week.

Love xxx