1.52 Birthday Week

It’s been quite an eventful week, me and the gang travelled to a camping barn in Wigton at the weekend for my birthday and had a bit of a party and wander around.  We kicked it al off with a lovely meal prepared by my super efficient auntie Helen (there were 13 of us so it was quite a task with no real kitchen) after that we got the disco lights on and the party started and within a few hours my good friends Paul had bashed his head on a fire extinguisher and we were on our way to Carlisle hospital with some secret ambulance wine and a head injury between the 3 of us. 6 hours later we were back at the barn with a nice healthy Paul and some partying to catch up on. The sun was up and the usually boggy areas around us were beautiful in the snow so we took advantage taking a nice morning stroll in the snow and ice. I had lots of fun running around stomping through the ice and chomping on the snow like a 2 year old.

Ice King

Ice King

On Tuesday I had the pleasure of meeting up with my good friend Louise Martin at her new place that she lives in with her boyfriend Andy and her two wonderfully hilarious cats Ziggy and Eartha. Ziggy and Eartha were not camera shy at all, in fact every time I pointed the camera at them they pushed their little kitten heads right up into my lens. Here's a photo of Eartha, a bit soft focus but I like the colours. 

Louise is a master of fudge and cake making so it’s always dangerous when I see her as everything she makes is so delicious and as her tag line says "100% Bad for You." You can check out her array of tasty treats here       I managed to refrain from throwing a load of yummy fudge down my neck quite easily (this time) as we had a very important person to meet. The beautifully named and faced Aisha Adunni Orla May, the wonderful first born of Lee and Rose May. Isn’t she lovely?


Aisha is only a month old and with parents like Lee and Rose she is destined to have a big personality, she showed this off while we were there by piddling on 3 clean nappies one after the other as her Mum was trying to change her, that's what I call a baby hat trick, or nappy trick. Either way, those big beautiful eyes she can pee all over anything she wants.  

 Thanks for looking, more on the way soon.

Love xxx