8.52 FLY53 SS15 Shoot Manchester

Last Thursday we hit the Northern Quarter in Manchester armed with a selection of FLY53’s finest threads, two of Boss Model Managements most beautiful faces, the kick ass Gillon Sisters styling duo, Carly Celeste Hunt MUA , the unstoppable Dervin-Page Creative team, a couple of plants from IKEA and a shoot and run attitude we managed to smash this shoot out and have everyone home by 3pm. I’d like to tell you it was hard work, but it wasn’t, our killer team made everything run like clock work (but a bit faster) and the result? Have a look.


Clothing: FLY53


Models: Simi and Elliot Stevens of Boss Model Management


Styling Team: Nicki Gillon


Rachele Gillon


Hair and Make up:   

Carly Celeste Hunt Media MUA


Moving Image: Matt Page


Runner: Michael Kenyon


Creative Team: Katie Dervin (me) Matt Page


Photographer: Katie Dervin (Me)