Bromwich Park Wedding: Rachel and Bob's Rock and Roll Festival Wedding in a Dis-used Dairy Farm.

Rachel was working as a waitress in a cocktail bar when she first met Bob, Big Hands in Manchester to be precise. When Rachel first told their mutual friend Guy that she fancied Bob (Bob had always fancied Rachel) Guy told her “No! No! You are both too loud.”  Nearly a decade and a half later Rachel and Bob are on a sunset Safari in Dubai, when Bob sneakily kneels on the floor pretending to take a photo, whips out a ring and asks Rachel to marry him. Rachel said yes of course but was a bit pissed off that he’d asked her while she was wearing leggings and so that’s how this story begins…


 Rachel and Bob managed to plan the most epic wedding in just a few weeks. The venue Bromwich Park was perfect, beautiful scenery and just the right mix; disused dairy farm meets grungy night club to give their wedding the Rock and Roll Edge that they were going for. They had some of Manchester’s most talented musicians and wordsmiths to provide the sound track for their day and even had their good friend Guy marry them, in a tear jerking open air ceremony.  One of Rachel and Bob’s top priorities on their wedding day was making sure they threw an awesome party for their most loved friends and family, and they had their work cut out for them as they are a popular duo with 230 guests! But they totally fucking nailed it.