Dewsall Court Wedding Photographer - Kate & Tim


Kate & Tim’s Story

In Kate’s words….

“We met at a party in London, ended up sitting next to one another on a sofa and that was it! We talked until 4 in the morning and then Tim went home and called his friend to say that he'd met the girl he was going to marry. I wasn't far behind! All our friends thought we were insane but once everyone saw us together they got on board pretty fast. Not long after we met I had a pretty bad car accident and ended up with a broken shoulder, and Tim dropped everything to look after me. I think that's what really cemented my conviction that we would be a wonderful husband - we've never doubted that we are each other's first priorities. I'm very lucky!

Tim proposed at the Botanic Gardens in Oxford about a year after we met - it was a total surprise and very romantic! He involved all of my closest girlfriends which made it incredibly special, and we finished the day having champagne in a gorgeous hotel room. I had already picked out my ring so I was absolutely dying to be able to wear it! Getting all my friends together from various parts of the country was a real feat and he'd spent about six months planning it without me noticing. He's very sneaky.”

Dewsall Court

Kate and Tim got married at Dewsall Court in Herefordshire which is an absolutely epic venue. The house has it’s own private church (that you can get married in if you want to) it is a beautiful stone building and so old it is mentioned in the doomsday book! The venue also boasts it’s own private lake and beautiful grounds and gardens to explore.

The house itself is huge and elegantly decorated with original artwork, hand painted wallpaper, beautiful sash windows letting in oodles of natural light and gorgeous scenery of Hereford’s rolling hills. There is a wonderful orangery where guests can dine over looking the grounds, a big swanky living room and it even has a snooker table in the second floor hall way! Imagine! Between eating the delicious food prepared by the Dewsall Hall staff, exploring what the house and grounds has to offer there is so much to enjoy about this venue Kate and Tim’s guests were truly spoilt for choice, just as well Kate and Tim made it a two day affair!

Getting Ready

When I arrived at the house on the morning on Kate and Tim’s Wedding day, Tim was already suited and booted and ready to rumble! Kate and the girls were up in Kate’s room getting their hair and make up done and having a nice relaxed morning. One of the many great things about Dewsall hall is the space and light, the bed rooms are huge, meaning there’s loads of space for you and your bridal party to get ready in, the sash windows let in loads of natural light too making your make up artists and photographer’s jobs that little bit easier. Plus it’s just bloody lovely!

The Barn

Kate and Tim held their ceremony at the barn at the bottom of the garden and had one of their friends who also worked as a florist (handy!) make their beautiful bouquets and dress the barn in Ivy foraged from Tim and Kate’s garden.

The Speeches and Party!

After some epic heartfelt speeches from Tim and Kate’s crew, the cheese got cut and Kate and Tim shared an emotional first dance, it was emotional for them, for me, for everyone really. Then the dance floor opened and everybody stopped crying and started to throw some serious shapes!


Kate and Tim thank you so much for having me you absolute legends! What a bloody wedding! xxxxxxxx

Shout Out to Kate & Tim's Awesome Suppliers...

THANK YOU for being such a fantastic photographer and lovely human. You made our day so special and you caught so many brilliant and sweet moments, like my half-eaten toast on its tray during the morning!

We knew we loved your style, but when we got our images back you’d surpassed what we had expected. You captured the essence of the whole day - the warmth, the laughter, the tears, the awful dancing. It was a privilege to have you involved.

The parcel that came in the post was perfection - we put the slideshow on and immediately burst into tears. And the prints you’d included of my lovely grandad were a beautiful and thoughtful touch. We are so very glad we found you.
— Kate and Tim