Hackney Town Hall Wedding Photographer


Getting Ready Together

Imogen and Iain went for a more modern approach and got ready together at Imogen’s parents house near Hackney Town Hall. The morning was super relaxed everyone hanging out in the kitchen together sipping champagne and getting excited about the day ahead of them. Iain occasionally asking Imogen if she was going to get dressed or if she was going to get married in her dressing gown, Imogen would just laugh and continue to flounce about in her dressing gown regardless. Both Iain and Imogen got dressed in Imogen’s childhood bedroom.

Iain wore a traditional Scottish kilt and and Imogen wore a beautiful fitted wedding dress that she had made her own by having it shortened, giving it a retro 50s vibe paired with a hand made birdcage wedding head dress complete with silk flowers and it’s own little bee. Which was a theme of the wedding.

Catching the bus.

Before setting off, we grabbed a few sneaky photos of Imogen and Iain in their last moments together before becoming husband and wife in the near by communal gardens. Then we made our way Hackney Town Hall that was just a short walk and bus ride away. Imogen and Iain were congratulated by passers by as they made their way to the wedding.

Hackney Town Hall

On arrival at Hackney Town Hall, Imogen and Iain took a moment to greet their friends and family and then we headed inside for some photos and to get them good and married! Again Imogen and Iain chose to do things their own way and walked down the aisle together.

Imogen and Iain had Hackney Town Hall for the whole day so we were able to grab some photos on the steps outside after their wedding guests had pelted the pair of them with confetti before heading round the back of the Town Hall for the party!


Having the Town Hall for the whole day, meant we had the surrounding streets to play with for some nice urban portraits. We popped out in the evening for a little stroll around Hackney and grabbed a few photos, which consisted of Imogen and Iain just looking so adorably cute together with the streets of Hackney as their back drop. We even found a high rise that matched Imogen’s shoes and flowers and a bike that matched her flowers and head dress. I love a good colour match I do and Imogen was very colourful so it made it easy!

The Party!

Imogen and Iain kicked off the party with the cutting of the cake and a hand fasting ceremony performed for them by their friends, the party then kicked off with a ceilidh band getting everyone up and running around straight away, it was quite a work out! Everyone was having a wale of a timing pegging it up and down and skidding across the floor together. I’m pretty sure the Wedding breakfast was well and truly worked off by the end of the night.

Thanks for having me you absolute mega legends! xxx

Owen House Wedding Barn


Owen House Wedding Barn

Jess and Mark got married at Owen House Wedding Barn in Knutsford. The Wedding Barn is a purpose built family owned business with loads of character, onsite accommodation for wedding guests and even it’s own shooting barn for couples to have their portraits taken in, very handy if it rains!

To watch the slide show click the link below!

The Civil Ceremony Room

Jess and Mark had their teary and very emotional ceremony in the barns moody, orange bulb and fairy light lit ceremony room in front of 30 of their friends and family. Making it a beautifully intimate ceremony.

Photos and Games

Once the ceremony was finished Jess and Mark headed out into the beautiful lavender and bee filled gardens for some photos and lawn games with their friends and family.

Couples Portraits

After some milling around, eating some delicious wedding food and escaping the odd bee and wasp attack we grabbed a few portraits around Owen House Barn’s beautiful grounds. Dropping by on a massive row of hay stacks and talking a walk in Owen House’s Weddings Barns beautifully manicured gardens before heading back for the speeches and wedding breakfast.


Mark gave a wonderfully emotional speech that had everyone moved to tears, when Jess and Mark had a little kiss at the end the entire room stood up and game them a standing ovation.

Liverpool Family Photographer


So not so long ago I got to go back to Liverpool, my home time to see the lovely Edie and her legendary proud creators Lou and Andy. It was an extra special shoot for me as I went to Uni with Lou and we lived together in Manchester before she made her escape from Manchester back to Merseyside and found her awesome husband to be Andy. So it was lovely to catch up and have a natter and get some photos (of course!) of Lou, Andy and Edie together as a family.

Getting Rare Photographs of the Family Together

One of the major reasons a lot of people book family shoots is it can be hard to get a photo of the whole lot of you together. a lot of the time Mum or Dad is holding the camera or phone and one of you get missed out so it’s good opportunity to get some lovely photos of all of you together.

The Family Home

I like getting photographs of the house and street when I first start the day. Your home and where you live is an important part of your story. You might not live there forever, the house will change over the years, you may even forget what it looked like at this time in your lives. It doesn’t have to be perfect, in fact I’m a strong believer that a little bit of mess in photos here and there helps tell the story. Will help you remember in 20 years when all your little liver birds (or whatever species you have released into the wild) have flown the nest, you can remember what it was like to have all those tiny clothes piled up. However you feel about those little piles that happen now, there might be a day when you look on those little details fondly.

New Expressions, Downy Hair and Tiny Feet.

Of course the house is just a small part of the story, the tiny human or humans (and animals) you’ve filled it with are the main event! Photographing children at this age is always pretty awesome and kids tend to start finding their personalities and expressions which as you can see Edie has in buckets even though she still needs a cushion under her feet to sit in her walker!

Capturing all those little things that grow so quickly, the tiny hands and feet, the beautiful baby hair can be a great way to remember the moments of your little monkey being tiny, before they start running about and all that fun begins.

If you know anything about me you’ll know I love a good silhouette. Lou and Andy’s place in Liverpool was perfect for it. With all the the beautiful bright colours of there home decor sounding them. They were able to have a good old stand in front the window and pester Edie for a bit. Edie soon put a stop to it though as you can see in the last photo. Clever girl!

Photographing the Family Together

Although the style of the shoot is mainly documentary. I do take some photos were you and your tribe can look at the camera and give a big goofy grin. Like the one below in Lou and Andy’s very purple back yard.

I really feel like the magic happens when you guys are just doing your own thing, like Lou, Andy and Edie sitting down together to watch Formula One. Something that Edie no doubt will get into as she grows older, or even if she doesn’t it will certainly be one of the things that makes her think of family time and Mum and Dad.

As you can see she’s pretty engrossed in the race even at this age…

Breast Feeding

When I delivered the photos to Lou and Andy. Lou commented that one of the photos that stood out to her was the one of her breast feeding Edie. Lou said that she never gets to see herself and Edie together that way and it’s a beautiful moment to capture between mother and child.

Relics of that Time in the History of Your Family

I couldn’t help but snap a little photo of Lou’s Trump protest banner. Hopefully one day when politics in both of our countries has got a little less like a cartoon, they will be able to look at that photograph with the nostalgia of that brief time when UK and US politics turned into a bit of a Pantomime. Fingers, toes and eyes crossed.

I also love to grab little photos including the art work that is in the house. Knowing Lou and Andy well it was a little easier to know what to focus on. I knew that New York was a very special pace to all three of them as a family. Hence the poster print in Edie’s Bedroom.

Can you spot the legend David Bowie sneaking into any of their portraits? Obviously it would be a crime not to have him feature! The picture of the breakfast holding hands is one that Lou and Andy have had in their house for as long as they have had their house, so I felt like it had to be included. It also kind of sums up their humour and Lou’s love of breakfast and bacon!

For the last photo we went up to the master bedroom to get a nice family portrait of them playing on the bed together. Above them is some spray painted art that Lou did on her hen do. Lou and Andy then used it as their guest book on their wedding day. So it’s an important piece of art and draws the eye away from Andy’s dirty feet, that I promised I wouldn’t mention! Sorry Andy! lol. To be fair we were making him traipse around the garden with no shoes on so it’s half my fault!

If you would like to book a relaxed documentary family shoot for your family. Get in touch!

Inglewood Manor Wedding Photographer


I first met Becky and Chris via a Skype call after shooting a family members wedding, Becky and Chris saw the photos and got in touch. The first thing that struck me about them both was how much they didn’t take things too seriously and were up for a good laugh. I knew I was on for a good one and I was.

Here’s Becky and Chris’s Story in their own words:

We met at main stage Avicii, Creamfields 2013 what a place to meet your husband! Chris took me to Jamie’s Italian in Liverpool where I chose spaghetti bolognese as a first date meal and tripped up the stairs! I had a code text with my mum incase he wasn’t nice as I couldn’t remember much from that night so my mum was on hand waiting for a text saying ‘the pasta is nice’ We had a ball and many more funny date stories in between. Chris proposed in panoramic 34 during afternoon tea but I wasn’t looking so the first I heard was “Come on is it a yeah or no Beck people are looking now”

Becky on Chris - “He makes me laugh all the time and behaves like a grumpy old man at the age of 34 .”

Chris about Becky - “I love how we laugh at everything and life is just one big joke when we’re together no need to take it too seriously.”

Inglewood Manor

Becky and Chris chose Inglewood Manor as they loved the country estate feel, gorgeous gardens and incredible rooms where guests could stay. Being able to have their ceremony outside in November (although you wouldn’t have thought it the weather was glorious) was a major plus and really made the day all the more special too them as they love going on adventures together and being outside.

Inglewood manor is a beautiful Edwardian Manor house in the heart of Cheshire countryside. A grade two listed building, it had many original Edwardian features and loads of character, rich mahogany wooden panelled rooms, and beautiful gardens bursting with different species of flowers, trees and wild life surrounding the house. The result of this being tons of beautiful back drops for photographs both inside and outside.

The house was built in 1909, but is actually dated as dated 1915. The house was built for F. H. Fox, a Liverpudlian millionaire (Whoop! Go on son! I love it when people from Liverpool are millionaires!) who made his fortune in marine insurance. Fishy. The outside of the house is made of stone and wooden panelling and has a Tudor look to it.

 Getting Ready

Becky got ready with her mum and bridesmaids at Inglewood Manor while the Chris and his groomsmen mucked about down stairs, eagerly waiting for the chairs to arrive. Upstairs with the bridesmaids it was business as usual, Becky being her usual hilarious animated self. It was lovely to see Becky being so exctied to finally marry her Chris.

Becky wore an Essence of Australia dress from Bridal Haven in Tarporley (shop now closed, but the staff there were amazing!) and Valentino shoes, and looked bloody awesome. I’m sure you’ll will agree. The shoes didn’t last very long as they were ditched shortly after the ceremony when we had to go on adventures for portraits.

An Outdoor Ceremony at Inglewood Manor

Becky and Chris chose to have an outdoor ceremony at Inglewood Manor. On a gloriously sunny day in November, it can happen! They put some blankets out for guests that they thought might get a bit chilly and thoughtfully labelled the reserved seats at the front with little tags with peoples names on so that people knew where to sit (and which blanket was for them!)

Under current British Law when getting married outdoors at Inglewood Manor you do need to be facing towards the house so that the registrar can marry you from the shelter of the structure of Inglewood Manor.

Becky was walked down the aisle by her Dad looking so excited that she might burst and was greeted by an equally emotional Chris, there was a ceremony brimming with tears and laughter in equal measure and these two lovelies just looking totally besotted with each other through out. After the ceremony Becky and Chris pegged it back down the aisle grinning from ear to ear to be promptly greeted by Inglewood Manor staff who were waiting with Champagne ready for the celebrations to begin.


Becky’s flowers were by Lisa G from Flowers of Distinction in Huyton (Lisa G was fabulous and showed Becky and Chris what the flowers would look like and had the best ideas as Becky and Chris didn’t want the bridal bouquet to be plain.)

Couples Portraits

After a cheeky swig out of Chris’s hip flask we took a quick little walk over the the tree lined path at the back of the house to get a few outdoor portraits and Becky and Chris together in the beautiful Autumnal light before heading back to the Bridal Suite at Inglewood Manor, where Becky and Chris had an idea to have a few photos of them just chilling out and having a drink together. So we did just that!

Wedding Breakfast and Speeches at Inglewood Manor

By the time we’d finished the photos, the party was in full swing, with Becky’s family and friends having a right old laugh before being ushered into the dining room at Inglewood Manor for a delicious 3 course meal followed by some hilarious and heartfelt speeches.

Becky and Chris were surprised at their table with a photograph of their beloved dog dressed in a full suit with a bow tie and a top hat, sneakily curated by Becky’s Dad (apparently it was a total nightmare to get on!)

The Wedding Cake

Their beloved pooch Barney also made an appearance on the top of the wedding cake. Becky and Chris were particularly impressed with the level of detail in shading of the fur of their beloved pooch. The talented team at The Devonshire Bakery in Frodsham took Becky and Chris’s photos and ideas and turned them into this fabulous creation!

All of Becky and Chris’s wedding stationary was made by The Complete Invitation Company.

The Party!

After the speeches were done and the cake was cut Becky and Chris and their friends and family went roaring straight into the party! Becky and Chris had a DJ and Saxophone player working the floor together to keep it jam packed and everyone with their dancing shoes on.

Henry Aspden played the saxophone all evening and the dj played Becky and Chris’s favourite songs, they found them on Jonny Ross music who also have open days so you can hear them play.

Advice From Becky and Chris for Future Couples on their Wedding Day

“Don’t take it all too seriously, ensure you laugh all day and spend the day doing everything you want to do.”

A Shout Out to Becky and Chris’s Awesome Wedding Suppliers!

The Dress was an Essence of Australia dress from Bridal Haven.

Wedding Stationary by The Complete Invitation Company

Flowers by Lisa G from Flowers of Distinction

Cake The Devonshire Bakery in Frodsham

Acoustic Guitar by Ste Hadley

Saxophone by Henry Aspden

DJ found on

Make up was done by Nicola Fraser

Documentary Family Photographer Liverpool


Family photography

One thing I have been really enjoying this year, but I’ve been a bit crap at blogging about is my family photography. It’s been really wonderful to go and see my past couples, see how their family has grown, even little changes they have made to the house and now and again spotting a wedding pic of mine or two up on the walls always puts a smile on my face!

Documentary Family Photography

Sometimes people look at me a bit strange when I start taking photographs of the house outside on shoots, but of course your home, no matter how long you have been there or however long you plan to stay is part of your families history and your families story. If it’s your forever home it’s nice to look back and see how the house has changed over time, little bits of furniture or decoration that you completely had forgotten existed or have long gone can conjure up old fond memories of that time and how it felt to be there. If it’s not your forever home photographs of that place and the objects in or around it can take you back to that time, it’s easy to forget the little things, but it can be lovely to take a moment every now and then to remember them and be grateful for all the little parts that have made up your families history so far.

So although at first when you get your photographs back and you have a few of the house and bits and bobs in there it might not mean that much. I’m shooting these photographs with the future in mind. ;)

Here at Caroline and Neil’s home in Liverpool is was particularly lovely to be greeted by some plant pots they used on their wedding day. I remember taking a photograph of these pots then and it was a lovely little call back to that time, before walking in to be greeted by Caroline, Neil, their now grown up boy (first child/now responsible older brother) who was just a little pup when I met him last and of course the lady of the moment, birthday girl Emilia.

Family photography and pets

I love including pets in the family photos. In fact I think it is a must. They are part of the family after all and have their own little characters that help make your house a home. Photographing them may not always be easy. There is that saying about never working with children or animals after all. But I do love a good challenge and the photos and memories your’ll have of your beloved fury family member will be worth it!

First Birthday Family Shoot

Of course Emilia was on super form it being the day of her first birthday party! Which is a great time to book a family shoot FYI if you have one coming up. With her series of hilarious and characterful expressions and her chirpy little attitude she had us all in the palm of her hand. Look at that little face! She looks so much like her Mum and Dad it’s actually spooky, I know it’s just genetics but she really got all of those genes.

the first bedroom

Photographing the bedroom is something I love doing on family shoots. The world is such a different place now from back when I was a nipper and the options to decorate a child’s room are vast. Emilia might not have remembered what her first bedroom looked like when she’s older. I know I don’t. Which would be a massive shame seeing all the effort Mum and Dad have put into making it such a exciting and also peaceful place. Is that possible? I feel like that’s what has happened here.

Being able to look back at these photos as an adult, or even as a stompy demanding, mood swingy teenager and see how much thought and attention was put into all these lovely little details in Emilia’s bedroom I’d imagine will give her great comfort when she is older, to see how much she was and still is loved and in a less soppy sense surely teenage Emilia isn’t gonna moan about having to do the dishes or give the stairs a bit of a hoover after having another look at this lot. ;)

What happens if my baby cries during The shoot?

To be fair to Emilia, the photo below is the nearest to a cry we got through the whole thing, but if your child cries or gets upset or tired at any point, don’t worry it’s completely normal! Theses photos have value too. Some of my favourite photographs are of children with grumpy faces or having a little bit of a tantrum. It’s all part of the story and a good representation of what real family life is all about. Love through the tears, vomit, tantrums, dirty nappies, giggles and sleepless nights. All of it is important. All of it is what it takes to be a family.

Thanks so much to Mr and Mrs F and the smaller member’s of the F house hold for having me and permission to post this blog. It was an absolute pleasure to come and visit you in your lovely home and meet Emilia.

If you would like to book a family shoot, get in touch!

Goldstone Hall in Market Drayton

Up on the blog today we’ve got Lucy and Nick’s gorgeous autumnal wedding at Goldstone Hall, Market Drayton where they had a intimate outdoor ceremony (despite a tiny bit of rain) amongst their closest family and friends and surrounded by the most beautiful wild flowers both inside Goldstone Hall and out! I’ll let Lucy and Nick take it from here. If you’d like to see the full day from start to finish click on the link below to watch Lucy and Nick’s nifty little Wedding Photo Trailer!

Lucy and nick’s Story

 A mutual friend (James - Lucy's friend from uni and Nick's friend from school) invited us both to an outdoor film screening in Summer 2013. It wasn't intended to be a set up but we hit if off! As we met at a film screening we (unimaginatively!) arranged to go to the cinema for our first date. We saw Only God Forgives not quite realising it was full of gory violence, definitely not a first date film but at least it gave us something to talk about!

 We got engaged in our flat in London, the first place we've ever lived together! It was super low key but perfect for us, Luce was wearing her pyjamas while I got down on one knee! She immediately burst into tears (and then said yes thankfully!)

Goldstone hall wedding venue

 We got married at Goldstone Hall, Market Drayton, one of the most beautiful venues we've ever seen. Lucy wanted to get married in an old house and have the reception at the same venue, Nick wanted a marquee reception and so Goldstone was ideal! We visited on a rainy autumn day and even then the gardens and house looked so beautiful that we knew it was right for us! Goldstone couldn't have been better throughout our build up, they even managed to somehow give our guests a choice of food on the day!


The biggest superstar supplier of the day was our florist, Nicola (Brown Sugar Blooms). We wanted relaxed, colourful flowers that didn't look too neat or tidy and she absolutely blew us away! She turned something that was just inside our heads into the most perfect arrangement and made for a stunning marquee! And Lucy adored her bouquet!

 Wedding SUIT

Nick's suit supplier, Beggars Run, were also awesome, making the whole process super easy, enjoyable and producing a great looking suit!

The Dress

Lucy’s beautiful wedding dress was by Maggie Sottero Designs

Wedding cake

 Nick's Mum made our cake and decorated it with flowers to match Brown Sugar Blooms, it looked and tasted amazing! She then went one step beyond and made all our bunting too!


 Of course Katie Dervin - who did the best job! Getting our photos through after the wedding was like reliving the whole day again!


 Our band were The Vivas and they were brilliant! They played an amazing set that got everyone dancing, so much in fact that the speakers began to shake as everyone jumped up and down! They really made the evening a great party!

Advice for future couples on their wedding day

 The day will go really quick, so make sure to try and stay in the moment and don't worry too much about what's coming next, it'll all work out just fine! And make sure you make time for each other, it's easy to get lost in making sure everyone else is having a good time!