Hackney Town Hall Wedding Photographer


Getting Ready Together

Imogen and Iain went for a more modern approach and got ready together at Imogen’s parents house near Hackney Town Hall. The morning was super relaxed everyone hanging out in the kitchen together sipping champagne and getting excited about the day ahead of them. Iain occasionally asking Imogen if she was going to get dressed or if she was going to get married in her dressing gown, Imogen would just laugh and continue to flounce about in her dressing gown regardless. Both Iain and Imogen got dressed in Imogen’s childhood bedroom.

Iain wore a traditional Scottish kilt and and Imogen wore a beautiful fitted wedding dress that she had made her own by having it shortened, giving it a retro 50s vibe paired with a hand made birdcage wedding head dress complete with silk flowers and it’s own little bee. Which was a theme of the wedding.

Catching the bus.

Before setting off, we grabbed a few sneaky photos of Imogen and Iain in their last moments together before becoming husband and wife in the near by communal gardens. Then we made our way Hackney Town Hall that was just a short walk and bus ride away. Imogen and Iain were congratulated by passers by as they made their way to the wedding.

Hackney Town Hall

On arrival at Hackney Town Hall, Imogen and Iain took a moment to greet their friends and family and then we headed inside for some photos and to get them good and married! Again Imogen and Iain chose to do things their own way and walked down the aisle together.

Imogen and Iain had Hackney Town Hall for the whole day so we were able to grab some photos on the steps outside after their wedding guests had pelted the pair of them with confetti before heading round the back of the Town Hall for the party!


Having the Town Hall for the whole day, meant we had the surrounding streets to play with for some nice urban portraits. We popped out in the evening for a little stroll around Hackney and grabbed a few photos, which consisted of Imogen and Iain just looking so adorably cute together with the streets of Hackney as their back drop. We even found a high rise that matched Imogen’s shoes and flowers and a bike that matched her flowers and head dress. I love a good colour match I do and Imogen was very colourful so it made it easy!

The Party!

Imogen and Iain kicked off the party with the cutting of the cake and a hand fasting ceremony performed for them by their friends, the party then kicked off with a ceilidh band getting everyone up and running around straight away, it was quite a work out! Everyone was having a wale of a timing pegging it up and down and skidding across the floor together. I’m pretty sure the Wedding breakfast was well and truly worked off by the end of the night.

Thanks for having me you absolute mega legends! xxx