Middlethorpe Hall Wedding - York - Donna and Kev.


Donna and Kev got engaged on a hillside in the pissing down rain somewhere in Lancashire. After Kev dragged Donna out of their lovely warm and dry Bed and Breakfast and then up and down many hills, as the wind and rain lashed on their cold and sodden faces. Donna didn’t have a clue what was coming… and let’s be honest, she was probably feeling a little bit fed up at this point. But then Kev stopped held Donna gently by the hand and pointed her in the direction of a very familiar scene… Her favourite scene. The scene from her most treasured painting, that had held prize positioning in her home for many years. Donna had no idea that the painting was even of a real place, but some how Kev had not only figured it out, but gone and found the place and the exact spot (more or less) that the painting was painted from!  Donna was gob smacked! And if that wasn’t enough, when she turns to look at Kev. The kind of “How the hell have you done this” look, she sometimes gives him… Kev is only down one knee and asking Donna to marry him!!! She said yes, of course, or this would be a weird story, they drank a bottle of Champagne that Kev had secretly stashed in his rucksack and made their way back to the B&B, warmer, happier and ready to spend the rest of their lives together!


As engagements go, this one was a corker and the wedding at Middlethorpe Hall was just as beautiful. Thank you for having me Donna and Kev, it was an absolute pleasure to spend the day with you.


P.S. Carno Kevin my Venus flytrap, is safe and well and keeping me company every day sitting on the windowsill by my desk and protecting me from flies. He says “Hi”. 


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