Why I Love This Photo Series 1.3


This photograph might not look like much at first. A family sitting at a table together in an empty room… But this moment was more than that. This was the moment when June and Steve took time out with their daughter Rosie during their wedding day. Rosie was overwhelmed. She didn’t really understand what the wedding was about and somehow thought that Mummy and Daddy getting married meant that they didn’t love her anymore. She was inconsolable. So deeply upset, it was hard to watch. After the ceremony was over June and Steve took her to one side to make her feel loved and spend some time as a family unit without the busy commotion of their guests around them. It was a beautiful, private and tender moment between the 3 of them and as it happened I managed to capture this little photograph of the 3 of them being a family.

Documentary Wedding Photography

Part of being a documentary wedding photographer is looking out for the small moments in between the bigger more obvious ones. Rosie will grow up and probably forget most of this day, when June and Steve tell her that she was so upset she may not even believe them! When I look at this photo, I see Love. The unconditional love that June and Steve have for their daughter. One day she’ll be older, she wont need them to hold her hand any more, she’ll make friends, move out, travel, become independent, but there will always be this little moment frozen in time when all this little girl wanted was a cuddle from her mum and Dad and that’s beautiful…

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Katie Dervin is a Documentary Wedding Photographer based in Manchester.